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First, Thank you for taking the time to look at my page and for considering me to capture your special moments.

My name is Colleen and I am originally from Elmwood Park, NJ, though I currently reside in Butler, NJ. I am a full time mommy to my two beautiful children, Mia and Mace, who are also my primary models. Like most newborn and children photographers, my passion for capturing special moments came as a result of wanting to save every moment of my own baby’s milestones. From there I developed a desire to better my skills and offer others the opportunity to hold onto their special memories.

How did I become a photographer you ask? In 2014 my husband, urged me to follow my dreams and supported me down this adventure. Although it is difficult at times to manage all of life’s hurdles/responsibilities, the support I have received from my Family and friends has been tremendous. It is a great feeling to know that what I started as a hobby, which turned into a passion, can lead you down a new career path.

Fun Facts:

• I have a shopping addiction and Black Friday is the most glorious day of the year.

• I tend to write very long messages.

• My socks do not always match.

• I love doing outdoor sessions, but cannot stand the bugs. If you see me waving that not to you, it is because there is a gnat.

• While I organize my business very well, my closet isn’t the neatest.

• I cannot explain what my husband does for a living.

• I have had the same assistants/best friends for decades.

Pics & Love ❤️


photos by Twig & Olive

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